Leadership Education Resources

ILA members comprise some of the top names in the field of leadership education. The following list of resources will help you take your teaching of leadership to the next level. Whether you’re looking for activities and tools to add to your pedagogical toolbox or guidance on developing and evaluating your program, you’re sure to find something valuable.

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PAUSE for Pedagogy

This regular column in ILA’s Interface newsletter shares lessons learned in the classroom and add tools to the readers’ pedagogical toolboxes. Columns are accompanied by a supplemental video interview with the author. The column is edited by ILA members Lisa Endersby and Dan Jenkins. Recent articles are set to Members Only, but older articles are available to the public.

Guiding Questions: Guidelines for Leadership Education Programs

The Guiding Questions white paper produced by ILA’s learning community is intended to assist anyone who wishes to develop, reorganize, or evaluate a leadership education program. The white paper delves into curriculum development, instructional effectiveness, and quality enhancement through assessment.

Leadership Classroom Teaching Activities

This 80-page document is a compilation of the resources shared at the annual Leadership Education Teach & Share workshop held at ILA’s global conference. The document includes Leadership Topic, Objective/Purpose of Lesson, Materials Needed, and Activity Explanation.

The Leadership Educator Podcast

Hosted by Lauren Bullock and Dan Jenkins, listen as they share knowledge and expertise on facilitating leadership learning. Passionate about leadership education? Want to expand your resource toolbox with practical strategies for teaching, learning, and program design? This is the podcast for you!

Student Leadership Competencies

Since 2008, ILA member Corey Seemiller has been creating, developing, and refining resources around the Student Leadership Competencies, 60 empirically-grounded leadership competencies that can serve as a framework for designing programs or courses, blueprint for curriculum development and delivery, foundation for intentional assessment of learning, and recognition of growth and development.

Learn more about the development of the competencies and how to use them in this ILA Interface article, then visit the Student Leadership Competencies website.

Check out the Student Leadership Competencies Database to uncover the competencies associated with each of the 605 accredited academic programs in higher education.

Student Leadership Programs – Leadership Podcast

Sponsored by a NASPA knowledge community, this podcast covers an array of topics of interest to leadership educators