23rd Annual Global Conference: Geneva 2021

Reimagining Leadership Together
2021 Geneva Program Book Cover

Together, how can we more fully unleash the abundant potential of people, including ourselves, to collaborate across today’s many multi-faceted opportunities and complex issues? How can leadership be a greater catalyst for societal and eco-systemic advancement and create the conditions for more equitable relationships across divides, even across lines of conflict? It is time to expand what leadership means and who can lead. Together, let’s reimagine leadership for a safer, more just, and inclusive world.

From 20-23 October, live in-person events were offered in Geneva including pre- and post-conference events, keynotes, and multiple presentation sessions. On 24 October, we moved into the live virtual realm with a completely new array of keynotes and sessions through 26 October. Our 400+ presentations, workshops, and panels were split between in-person in Geneva and live online. 

Conference Materials

Search the online conference module for papers (if applicable) and abstracts as well as handouts, and PowerPoints uploaded by presenters. Please note that not all presenters upload handouts or PowerPoints.

Conference Videos

Conference Photos

We’ve added photos to our flickr stream from the conference!