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Data-Driven DEI

Dr. Randal Pinkett, the keynote speaker for ILA’s 2023 DEIB conference, discusses his new book, Data-Driven DEI. Pinkett is Founder & CEO of BCT Partners, a Rhodes Scholar, and winner of The Apprentice.

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Leadership and Vulnerability

Dr. Paul Hibbert joins Scott for a conversation to share his latest thinking and research on leadership and vulnerability and to discuss the power of vulnerability to fuel a growth mindset.

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An Interdisciplinary Lens

Scott talks with Jeff Strese about the unique context of family-owned businesses, focusing on leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and family dynamics.

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Strategic Thinking

ILA Board Member, Dr. Susan Murphy, talks with Scott about her work at the University of Edinburgh, strategic thinking, and leadership development throughout one’s lifetime.

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Both/And Thinking

Scott talks with Dr. Wendy K. Smith whose research aims to help leaders (and all humans) more effectively manage paradoxes with both/and thinking.

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