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Developing Leaders in Singapore

Scott discusses leadership development, cultural intelligence, and global mindset in Singapore with Dr. Nadir Zafar, Director of the Singapore Leaders Network, and ILA Board member Dr. Michael Yap, Regional Managing Director – Singapore Hub for Coventry University’s Doctor of Business Administration.

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Data-Driven DEI

Dr. Randal Pinkett, the keynote speaker for ILA’s 2023 DEIB conference, discusses his new book, Data-Driven DEI. Pinkett is Founder & CEO of BCT Partners, a Rhodes Scholar, and winner of The Apprentice.

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Leadership and Vulnerability

Dr. Paul Hibbert joins Scott for a conversation to share his latest thinking and research on leadership and vulnerability and to discuss the power of vulnerability to fuel a growth mindset.

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An Interdisciplinary Lens

Scott talks with Jeff Strese about the unique context of family-owned businesses, focusing on leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and family dynamics.

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Strategic Thinking

ILA Board Member, Dr. Susan Murphy, talks with Scott about her work at the University of Edinburgh, strategic thinking, and leadership development throughout one’s lifetime.

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Both/And Thinking

Scott talks with Dr. Wendy K. Smith whose research aims to help leaders (and all humans) more effectively manage paradoxes with both/and thinking.

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