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Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity


Editors: Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, John Eric Baugher, Karin Jironet, and Lena Lid-Falkman (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2014) 

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DescriptionLeading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity presents the perspectives of leaders, social scientists, and educators from around the world on the topic of developing inner wisdom. Structured around the notions of spirit, presence, and authenticity, the book encourages readers to reflect on their own lives as they read about their colleagues’ diverse experiences, all in an effort to address difficult global systems challenges with a foundation of various wisdom lineages and practices.
Each chapter is introduced by an editor with deep background experience in the topic at hand, and the book includes an examination of research on the essential nature of authenticity among leaders. Stories of leadership initiative from across nations illustrate the truly global nature of leadership inspiration, and accounts of teaching mindfulness, guiding leaders, and leading in the arts and humanities integrate critical theory with authentic leadership development. Topics include:

  • Subtle interdependencies involved in modern leadership
  • The contribution of sociological mindfulness to leadership education
  • Authentic leadership as communicated through technology
  • The role of spirit, and what the world needs from leaders

A diverse mix of contributors, including a Sufi teacher, a social science journal editor, and a CEO, provide a truly inclusive examination of the ways a leader is defined by self and others. Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity, a volume in the International Leadership Series Building Leadership Bridges from the International Leadership Association, helps connect ways of researching, imagining, and experiencing leadership across cultures, over time, and around the world.

About the Co-Editors

Kathryn Goldman Schuyler

John Eric Baugher

Karin Jironet

Lena Lid-Falkman

Praise for Leading with Spirit, Presence, and Authenticity

Table of Contents

  1. Awareness and Beyond: Why Moving on Means Letting Go – Karen Jironet
  2. Connecting Inner Transformation as a Leader to Corporate and Societal Change –
  3. Subhanu Saxena, Otto Scharmer, Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
  4. Cultivating Leadership through Deep Presencing and Awareness Based Practices –
  5. Jonathan Reams, Olen Gunnlaugson, Juliane Reams
  6. Ensirited Leadership in Japan – Bob Stilger, Yuka Saionji
  1. Sociological Mindfulness and Leadership Education – John Eric Baugher
  2. The Dance of Joyful Leadership – Catherine Etmanski, Mark Fulton, Guy Nasmyth, M. Beth Page
  3. Why on Earth Are We Staring at Raisins? – Linda Kantor
  4. Intergroup Dialogue: Mindfulness and Leadership Development for Social Change –
  5. Brighid Dwyer, Ralph A. Gigliotti, Hanna H. Lee
  1. Appear Authentic! The Rhetorical Oxymoron of Authentic Leadership – Lena Lid-Falkman
  2. Leadership Values in Africa and Implications for Online Learning Communities – Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis, Hellicy C. Ngambi
  3. Reflections and Authentic Leadership – Deana M. Raffo
  4. Embodying Authentic Leadership: An Actor’s Perspective – Marco Aponte-Moreno
  5. Leaders’ Lived Experience of Authentic Moments – Susan Skjei