ILA Book Series

Leadership for Transformation


Editors: JoAnn Danelo Barbour and Gill Robinson Hickman (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, 2011)

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About the Co-Editors

JoAnn Danelo Barbour

Gill Robinson Hickman

Table of Contents

Introduction – JoAnn Danelo Barbour and Gill Robinson Hickman

  1. The Practice Before the Practice – Mark Nepo
  2. Natality as Leadership for Transformation: Orienting the Influence for Change – Gilda Warden
  3. A Tao Model: Rethinking Modern Leadership for Transformation – Caroline Fu and Richard Bergeon
  4. Fractal Leadership: Emerging Patterns for Transformation – Tim Harle
  5. Where No One Stays a Statue – Mark Nepo
  6. Improvising Transformation: Leadership Lessons from Improvisational Theater  – James M. Mohr
  7. Transforming Leadership through the Power of the Imagination – Michael Jones
  8. Leadership: A Journey of Transformation – Rick Warm
  9. Wu Feng – Mark Nepo
  10. Authentic Accountability: Tapping the Power of the Infinite Game – Jay Gordon Cone
  11. What Art Offers Leadership: Looking Beneath the Surface – Skye Burn
  12. Using Critical Pedagogy to Critique Power Issues in Transformational Leadership – Laura M. Harrison
  13. Teaching Leadership for Socially Just Schools: A Transformational Approach – Michael I. Poutiatine and Dennis Arthur Conners
  14. The Work of the Worm – Mark Nepo
  15. Building Bridges to Transform Lives: An Integrative Leadership Response to the “Wicked Problem” of Homelessness – John Blenkinsopp
  16. Virtual Communication, Transformational Leadership, Personality, and the Apparent Holographic Constructs of Implicit Leadership – Charles Salter, Mark Green, Phyllis A. Duncan, Anne Berre, and Charles Torti
  17. Transforming Global Leadership: Applying the Lessons Learned from Brazil, India, and Nigeria toward the Development of an Integrated Model of Global Leadership – Karen J. Lokkesmoe
  18. Exploring Leadership for Transformation – Tom Beech, Juana Bordas, Prasad Kaipa, and Eliane Ubalijoro
  19. The Friendship of Tung-Shan and Yün-Yen – Mark Nepo