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Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the Intersections of Gender, Culture, Context, and Sustainability

Editors: Randal Joy Thompson and Julia Storberg-Walker (Emerald Publishing, 2018)

Winner of the R. Wayne Pace HRD Book of the Year Award!

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We live in an era of drastic changes in relationships between countries and of unprecedented responses to both old and emerging global challenges. Working alongside leaders in developing countries, leaders in international foreign aid and development organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private foundations and companies have driven dramatic changes in our approach to these challenges and to international development more generally. Yet little has been written from the perspective of the leaders telling their stories about leading and navigating the tangle of forces acting upon the course of international development. And even less is known about how leading in international development contexts should be modelled in a way that fosters the development of the next generation of leaders.

Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the Intersections of Gender, Culture, Context, and Sustainability brings scholarship up-to date with practice, collecting the stories and reflections of twenty leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, Canada, and the United States, many of whom have extensive experience leading within major international organizations. In clear, straightforward narratives, the contributors gathered here highlight their diverse experiences with context, culture, power, gender and sustainability, and they offer strategies and lessons learned derived from their own challenges and successes. Building on these narratives, the book offers a new model or framework for leading in international development contexts.

Through an innovative practice to theory process, the first chapter of the book, written by co-editor Julia Storberg-Walker, provides an original analysis of the chapter narratives, and presents a framework for successfully leading international development projects in the 21st century. The framework can be used for designing leadership development programs as well as for future research in leading in international development contexts. Leadership and Power in International Development is essential reading for development leaders, practitioners, and scholars as they continue to confront the complexity of contemporary power-politics.

About the Co-Editors

Randal Joy Thompson is an International Development Professional, and she is the Founder and Principal of the consulting company Excellence, Equity, and Empowerment.

Julia Storberg-Walker is Associate Professor in the Executive Leadership Program of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University, and she is an Affiliate Faculty and Advisory Board Member at George Washington’s Global Women’s Institute.

Table of Contents

Overview Part 1: On Leading in International Development – Randal Joy Thompson

Overview Part 2: Power in International Development Leadership – Anne M. Spear

  1. Toward a Theory of Leading in International Development – Julia Storberg-Walker
  1. Chronicles of a Humanitarian Worker – David Mashzhu-Makota
  2. Leadership in International Development – Iyabo Obasanjo
  3. Transforming Community through Feminine Leadership – Eliane Ubalijoro,
  4. Embracing Modern Leadership amidst Cultural Traditions – The Niche to Forge Ahead – Keba T. Modisane
  1. From Marginal to Mainstream: Leadership in Integrating Gender into Private Sector Development – Amanda Ellis
  2. What about the Grassroots Leaders? A Model for Culturally Appropriate Leadership through Empowering Local Women – Anne M. Spear
  3. Leadership Through Empowerment – Nila Wardani and Kathryn B. Mangino
  4. Leading with Girls – Ashley N. Lackovich-Van Gorp
  1. Holistic Community Development in Rwanda – Debby Thomas
  2. Accompaniment: Facilitating Transformative Change in the World – Josh P. Armstrong
  3. Leading Cross Culturally in a Faith-based International Non-government Organization – Gordon A. Zook
  1. In the Skin of a “Worldly” Female Doctor Manager – Nicole Rouvinez-Bouali
  2. Passion, Risk, and Adventure in Developing My International Development Leadership Repertoire – Maria Beebe
  3. An Educator’s Backward, Forward Zigzag Leadership Journey – Patricia McLaughlin
  4. Leading the Recovery of Women and Children in Post-Ceausescu Romania – Randal Joy Thompson
  1. Leadership Musings – Dick Daniels
  2. Developing Global Resonance for Global Leadership – Kathleen Curran
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