About the ILA Leadership Education Program Directory

The International Leadership Association (ILA) is pleased to provide this searchable directory of more than 1,000 Leadership Programs. The Directory, which originally started as a grant-funded initiative, aims to provide users with a tool through which they may discover higher education leadership programs for the purposes of networking, research, or to further their own educational aspirations.

A foundational block of ILA’s mission is to generate and disseminate information of use for leadership professionals. Maintained in partnership with ILA Members, the information contained within the directory is neither guaranteed nor endorsed by ILA. Those utilizing the ILA online Leadership Program Directory are advised to consult with individual programs and centers for the most up-to-date information.

What’s Included in the Directory?

  1. The Leadership Program Directory lists academic leadership certificate and degree programs that are offered in institutions of higher education (e.g. PhD in Organizational Leadership at University of ABC). These programs may terminate with an academic certificate or a degree ranging from an associates or foundation degree all the way up to a doctorate.
  2. The Leadership Program Directory lists centers (Smith Leadership Center at the University of ABC) or offices (e.g. President’s Office) located at institutions of higher education that offer non-academic or co-curricular leadership programing. These centers might offer dozens of leadership programs or just one.

Adding or Editing Your Program

Searched but didn’t find your program? Or, your program is there, but it’s incomplete or incorrect?

Email us at ila@ilaglobalnetwork.org and use Subject lines: New program for ILA Directory OR Edits to program in ILA Directory.

Be sure to check the inclusion policy before emailed about a new program. 

Related Links

Download and read, Academic Leadership Programs in the United States, by Kathy L. Guthrie, Trisha S. Teig, and Pei Hu from the Leadership Learning Research Center at Florida State University. The report describes and analyzes data from the ILA Leadership Program Directory and data captured from institutional websites detailing program type, courses, and descriptions.


This Directory is possible thanks to the generous support of the C. Charles Jackson Foundation, which provided the original seed money for its creation.

Special thanks to Alicia D. Crumpton, Ph.D., 2 Cats Consulting, LLC; Elizabeth Stork, Robert Morris University; and Valerie Beichner, élan evolutions, who contributed their research and time at varying points in the life of this directory.

Thank you to, Kathie Guthrie at Florida State University and the FSU Leadership Research Learning Center for their work updating and expanding the directory.

Thank you the ILA members who have served on the Program Directory Advisory Committee.